Building on a network of diverse civil society organisations in Berlin and Europe, we want to expand the reach of the different experiences in participation projects online and offline to pave the way for inter civil society coordination.

Together with our partners we work on a proper online data base for 2015, where NGOs, projects, and proposals can be accessed easily. Jede Stimme e.V. is proud member of the Berlin network of civil society organisations coordinating political participation projects locally. If you want to become part of the network, please write an empty e-mail to Christian Miess,


Protest & Participation – Mapping innovative participation practices in Europe

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For the first time we want to map innovative civic engagement projects that foster political participation in Berlin, Germany, and Europe in order to boost inter civil society coordination and open debates about democracy and participation in Europe. We want to learn more about your project!

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This non partisan initiative is open for participation projects at all levels. Projects from NGOs with various backgrounds dealing with participation issues, citizenship and voting rights will be addressed.


Protest & Participation – Wahlrecht für alle

Logo Jede Stimme 2013Jede Stimme e.V. took part in the city wide protest for more voting rights in the EP Elections 2014. In connection with the EP2014, a referendum was held where EU citizens and third country nationals were equally excluded from the voting process. They make up roughly 13% of the potential electorate in the city area concerned with the referendum.



Protest & Participation – Public action in front of the German parliament

Urne vor Reichstag
We organized public actions in front of the German parliament in 2013. Neither EU citizens, nor third country nationals residing in Germany for many years can vote in national elections. By setting up a fake voting booth, people could cast their vote to demand their right to participation.



Jede Stimme 2011

WahlrechtfüralleWahlrechtfüralleLogo KampagneThe latest project Protest & Participation continues a journey that has started in 2011 when Citizens For Europe e.V. and Jede Stimme e.V. held symbolic elections for immigrants who couldn’t vote.