10 Jul

Call for Projects & Proposals – Identifying and implementing participation practices together

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Dear Friends,

In the wake of the European elections, intensified discussions about referendums, and city development projects, we see the general debate about civic participation in Europe on the rise at all levels of politics and in civil society.


We want to shape the discourse about more participation!

At Jede Stimme e.V. we want use this momentum so in the next 2 months we will study innovative participation projects in Europe for the first time in history. The goal is to connect initiatives and individuals as well as campaigns and discussions in order to boost inter civil society coordination and open up debates about democracy and participation processes in Europe.

Jede Stimme e.V. calls for the best participation projects to initiate a transfer of good practice to Berlin in 2015/16 together with you!

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We are especially, but not exclusively, looking at innovative practices on both expanding and enforcing immigrants’ opportunities to vote. Deadline for the Call is 31 August 2014!

We know, time is short in supply, so as another incentive for engaging in this call our partner Citizens For Europe offers a free webinar on crowdfunding to all participants and we offer the possibility to connect to all initiatives and individuals directly through our Website, of course.


We want to learn more about your project!

This non partisan initiative is open for participation projects at all levels. Projects from NGOs with various backgrounds dealing with participation issues, citizenship and voting rights will be addressed.

Protest & Participation – Mapping Innovative Participation Practices in Europe is the title under which the non-profit association Jede Stimme e.V. develops a category system for successful participation projects. The results will be published and made available to all interested groups and individuals in Europe.


Civil society in action – working together!

We want to discover and further develop successful projects in Europe. We want to learn about:

  • What enables individuals as well as institutions to work together?
  • What are your experiences and how can others learn from it?
  • What could future projects look like?

Not only can civil society actors and activists present their past work in this survey, but also we connect academia, politics and civil society for effective cooperation.

Finally, we provide all participants of the project with the forthcoming publication of results as soon as possible. The publication will be accompanied by a public event in November 2014 in Berlin. Together we can build a strong network of actors across Europe!

Thank you so much for your work and your support for connecting civil society initiatives all over Europe!

Please share this call when possible. Your help is greatly appreciated!

For Questions about the timetable and everything else, please get back to

Christian Miess

0049 176 6156 9937

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